10th Anniversary (2006 - 2016)


Studies on fisheries and aquatic ecosystems is an integral component of both baseline and operational monitoring for industrial projects, such as mining, hydro power etc. The goal of studies is to establish pre-development conditions within fisheries potentially affected by development (baseline) and to assess potential impacts once the project has been constructed and is being run (operations).

Fisheries science encompasses a range of field assessments including:

  • Fish capture to estimate species distribution and abundance
  • Aquatic habitat assessments:
    • Aquatic habitat surveys
    • Channel morphology
    • Stream surveys
  • Benthic macroinvertebrate species distribution and abundance
  • Lake bathymetry and physiochemical depth profiling
  • Instream flow studies:
    • Main channel
    • Off-channel
    • Stream temperature modelling
  • Fish tissue studies to assess pre-existing contaminant levels
  • Aquatic toxicity testing
  • Fishery exploitation assessment