10th Anniversary (2006 - 2016)


Anita Johnson is hydrogeologist with twenty-four years of professional experience in environmental consulting and mine water management. Anita develops site-specific water balances for mining applications using both a spreadsheet and dynamic systems (GoldSim) approach. 

Applied Water Treatment Inc.

Prab has over 10 years experience in design of minewater treatment plants. His experience includes research, pilot testwork, flowsheet design, and plant optimization. Roles include technology selection, testwork confirmation, mass balance development, pilot-plant supervision, capital and operating cost estimation, & commissioning.

Nicola Lower, Ph.D.,  Fisheries Associate

HydroGeoLogica Inc.

Anita Johnson, Water Quality Modeller, Associate

Prab Bhatia, Minewater Treatment, Associate

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group

Who We Are

Quentin Hamilton, M.Sc. Managing Principal

Nicola is an aquatic biologist  with 16 years experience in natural resource management and fisheries. Nicola has experience in permitting aspects of the Fisheries Act and the Ontario Endangered Species Act. Nicola has successfully led several large baseline programs in support of the environmental approvals process for mining and hydro power projects.

With 20 years experience serving the mining industry, Quentin set up Chem-Dynamics in 2006. As managing principal he is technical lead for water quality and acid rock drainage assessments. An experienced project manager, Quentin manages many of our projects and coordinates our team of Associate environmental and engineering specialists.